~ A $4,000 Divorce Mediation? Is That Possible? ~

Depending on the complexity and issues involved in your specific case, it’s not uncommon for us to quote a flat fee for a fixed number of hours within which we can work to resolve (mediate) your legal differences. The reality is that it’s going to take some time to properly analyze and unwind the issues involved in your divorce or child custody matter. While it would be nice to press a magic button and have all your problems resolved, no such button exists. Therefore, we are going to have to fully document all of your assets, all of your debts and all of your issues, so that we can fully and completely help you resolve your divorce, without leaving any lingering issues that might come back and haunt you years from now. In doing so, we are also going to be preparing a number of legal documents that the Court will require, before the Court will even consider granting your divorce. Among the mandatory documents that must be filed with the Court are the Income & Expense Statement (FL-150), a Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (FL-140), a Statement of Assets and Debts (FL-142) and a substantial number of other forms, along with a Stipulated Judgment, which is a type of binding legal contract between you and your spouse that spells out the specific agreements reached during mediation. The Stipulated Judgment is the backbone of your settlement and much of it must be drafted to specifically address the unique details of your case, so that you can rest assured that once your divorce is final, the issues addressed in the Mediation were completely resolved. It will also need to include a substantial amount of boilerplate and other information that the Court will require for your divorce to be granted.

As an attorney, Don Werno not only has the basic legal education required to be a successful Mediator, but he also had the ability to pass the California Bar Examination on his first try. Since passing the bar examination, Don has successfully represented hundreds of clients in civil, criminal, family law and aviation cases, involving thousands of Court appearances and the drafting of tens of thousands of pages of legal briefs. Don has also been a practicing attorney, in good standing with the California Bar Association since June, 1999. During the thousands of days that Don has been an attorney, including the substantial number of cases resolved through Mediation, Don has learned how to navigate the often complex, highly emotional and critically important legal problems of his clients and he is ready to help you resolve your problems, too; hopefully through Mediation.

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